Iron star

Iron star

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Iron star

In astronomy, an iron star is a hypothetical type of compact star that could occur in the universe in 10^1500 years. The premise behind iron stars states that cold fusion occurring via quantum tunnelling would cause the light nuclei in ordinary matter to fuse into iron-56 nuclei. Fission and alpha-particle emission would then make heavy nuclei decay into iron, converting stellar-mass objects to cold spheres of iron.[1] The formation of these stars is only a possibility if the proton does not decay.

Given our assumed half-life of the proton, nucleons (protons and bound neutrons) will have undergone roughly 1,000 half-lives by the time the universe is 10^40 years old. To put this into perspective, there are an estimated 10^80 protons currently in the universe.[33] This means that the number of nucleons will be slashed in half 1,000 times by the time the universe is 10^40 years old. Hence, there will be roughly ½1,000 (approximately 10^−301) as many nucleons remaining as there are today; that is, zero nucleons remaining in the universe at the end of the Degenerate Age. Effectively, all baryonic matter will have been changed into photons and leptons. Some models predict the formation of stable positronium atoms with a greater diameter than the observable universe's current diameter in 10^85 years, and that these will in turn decay to gamma radiation in 10^141 years.[4][5]

In the event the proton does not decay according to the GUT theories above, the Degenerate Era will last longer, and will overlap or surpass the Black Hole Era. However, degenerate stellar objects can still experience proton decay, for example via processes involving virtual black holes, or other higher-order processes involving quantum tunneling, chiral anomaly or sphalerons with a half-life of under 10^200 years.[4] ... g_universe
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